Our wax experts have in-depth expertise and many years of experience in the development and supply of additives for the coatings industry. We understand the importance of tailor-made solutions and are committed to meeting your individual requirements. As a trusted partner, we take the time to thoroughly understand your products and the specific challenges they face. By talking to you in person and working closely with you, we can better categorize your concerns and identify the appropriate additives.

Our brief questions about your coating system allow us to gather important information to present you with a preliminary selection of suitable additives. What does your coating system look like? This question is crucial because requirements and conditions can vary depending on the industry. In addition, the question helps us to better understand the environment and application areas of your products.

Your expectations for the desired additive are of great importance to us. By asking about desired properties or improvements, we can better tailor our recommendations to your requirements.

With our TopAdd Greenline additives, we can also meet specific sustainability requirements. As a responsible company, we strive to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's challenges.

If our popular off-the-shelf solutions don't fully meet your needs, rest assured that we offer the ability to develop a specialized additive exclusively for your products. Our experts are ready to develop customized solutions to meet your needs and requirements in every way.

We invite you to consult with our wax experts. Together we can find the optimal solution for your products and thus support your success in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best possible additives to take your products to the next level.

Questions about your coating system

Please provide us with some additional information on your paint systems with your inquiry so that we can immediately offer you suitable additives. Of course, our initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation for you. Alternatively, you can also reach us by phone or e-mail.